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We are now taking orders for the Biorealize | reactor, the first component of Biorealize’s transformative Microbial Design Suite.

B | reactor is a portable bioreactor that heats, cools, agitates, and tracks microorganism growth in programmable media and culturing settings. It comes with interchangeable single-use vessels for growing microorganisms in 10ml, 20ml and 60ml volumes.

Early Access Program

The first production run of B | reactor will be limited to 25 units with delivery scheduled for early 2019. The first 25 customers who provide a full deposit now, will be the first to receive the B | reactor when it is shipped.

The B | reactor will cost $1999, plus S&H. The price includes one machine, a set of consumables, and initial membership to our network. Additionally, Early Access Program participants will also receive enhanced customer support & training from the Biorealize team and provide input to customize the data analytics software.

Join B | reactor Early Access Program:

Reserve YOUR B|reactor

Additional B | reactor units will be manufactured and delivered later in 2019. These units will also cost $1999 plus S&H, however, consumables and network membership will not be included in the purchase price.

Please fill out the form below to reserve your opportunity to purchase an B | reactor from these later production runs. No payment is required to make a reservation. You will be contacted when the B | reactor is available.

B | reactor Reservation Form

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I understand joining the reservation list is only an expression of interest in purchasing B | reactor(s). This is in no way a binding purchasing contract. If you are interested in securing earlier access the B | reactor system, please follow the PayPal link at the top of the page.