B | reactor at Biofabricate

Karen introduced B | reactor at Biofabricate 2018 and discussed how to go from idea to prototype and production using our platform. Here is a link to her talk. As usual, Biofarbicate was amazing. A good coverage of the entire conference by Open Biofabrics is worth reading.

Future of Biofabrication Starts Here

University of Pennsylvania published an article about our history and vision:
”Biofabrication is the future of manufacturing, and ultimately, if we can onboard more designers with biology, that will accelerate the rate of innovation and diversify the products,” says Telhan. “We’ve created a tool that will start a new design revolution.”

BIOREALIZE at THE Milan Design Week 2018

Biodesign: Living and Breathing the Future of Performance
We have partnered with MIT Design Lab and PUMA to showcase next generation wearables that incorporate living organisms to enhance performance and personal expression.

The exhibition showcases four experiments that are designed with our Microbial Design Studio: Deep Learning Insoles, Breathing Shoe, Carbon Eaters and Adaptive Packaging.

Let us know if you are interested in exploring biodesign with our bioprototyping platform.

For more information about the exhibition:
PUMA Press Release
Download Press Photos

Biorealize is working with PUMA® and MIT on Biodesign

We are working with PUMA® and MIT Design Lab on how next generation of athletic footwear, apparel and wearables can adapt in real-time by using living organisms to enhance performance.

Designs grown by Microbial Design Studio will be exhibited at Milan Design Week April 17-22, 2018


PUMA Carbon Eaters

Taking stage at SXSW'17

Today, we are taking stake at SXSW Eco Startup Speed Pitches. "This fast-paced showcase features pitches from a group of diverse and talented entrepreneurs making an impact in the areas of Energy, Water, Food + Ag, IoT + Software, Social Impact and Reuse + Recycling."

We will be together with companies that demonstrate the power of innovation to change the way we produce and consume the most crucial resources for life.