Hardware Manufacturing Engineer


Biorealize is building the next generation tools that make the design-build-test cycle of biology digital. Our first product, the Microbial Design Studio, is a networked automation platform for liquid culturing that streamlines the commercial development of biological products from research to scale production. Standardized single-use consumables, integrated instrumentation and analytics, and the ability to reproduce research across the globe makes our platform unique in developing bio-applications for food, textile, industrial and other sectors.

We are scaling up production and looking for an engineer who can join our hardware development and manufacturing team. The candidate will be contracted for the following:


  • Perform full lifecycle product development (design, test, manufacture) of hardware with electromechanical components, electronics and embedded software.

  • Work closely with our design & software engineering leads to design systems and components that meet our needs and requirements.

  • Overseeing assemblies and sub-assemblies of components with contract manufacturers.

  • Evaluate, select, and manage vendors and contract manufacturers; maintain good vendor relationships

  • Develop quality and reliability metrics, test methodologies, and assembly processes.

Minimum Qualifications

  • BS +5 years or MS +3 years experience in electrical, mechanical or mechatronics engineering is preferred. However, we will also consider well qualified candidates with alternative backgrounds.

  • Track record in manufacturing hardware. Knowledge of sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, plastic and elastomer molding, and die casting.

  • Familiarity with Solidworks.

  • Understanding of computer hardware components, interfaces and system architecture.

  • Strong trouble-shooting and analytical skills.

  • Excellent communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with embedded development is a strong plus

    • Rudimentary C++ (Arduino and/or mbed)

    • Rudimentary knowledge of interfacing with peripheral hardware.

      • Familiarity with I2C, SPI, RS232

  • Familiarity with any of the following hardware platforms:

    • Raspberry Pi

    • misc ARM dev platforms (Teensy LC, Nucleo f303k8, "blue-pill" boards etc.)

  • Working knowledge of "Internet of Things" stack technology would be a valuable asset

    • Javascript (ecmascript), node.js, Node-Red, Web-Sockets, MQTT