We work with companies and creatives all around the world to enable their products and applications with biology.

Living and Breathing the Future of Performance

We have partnered with MIT Design Lab and PUMA to showcase next generation wearables that incorporate living organisms to enhance performance and personal expression. We exhibited our work at the Milano Design Week in April 2018.

The exhibition showcases four experiments that are designed with our technology: Deep Learning Insoles, Breathing Shoe, Carbon Eaters and Adaptive Packaging.

For more information about the exhibition:
PUMA Press Release
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Microbes Meet Yarn for Forward-thinking Fashion

For London Design Festival, we showcased a new line of apparels designed with Biorealize’s “Microbial Designer Kits,” which can grow pigments from microorganisms.

Sivan Ilan, the inaugural ‘Biorealize Design Fellow,’ worked with us to explore the creative possibilities of microbially-dyed yarn embroidered on previously-owned denim, using Biorealize’s technology.

For more information see:
A video interview made by Biofaction