Karen HoKaren Hogan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Karen earned her B.S. in Environmental Biology at the University of Dayton and PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from The University of Pennsylvania.  She teaches and develops curriculum in introductory biology, microbiology, and biological design at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to her work at Biorealize and Penn, Karen served as a researcher in wetland restoration at the University of Dayton, a staff scientist in stream ecology for the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, and a research consultant for the Philadelphia Water Department and American Water Works Association.

Contact: karen@biorealize.com


Orkan Telhan, Chief Design Officer (CDO), is an interdisciplinary designer who builds objects, interfaces, and media, engaging with critical issues in social, cultural, and environmental responsibility. Telhan is Associate Professor of Fine Arts - Emerging Design Practices at University of Pennsylvania, School of Design. He holds a PhD in Design and Computation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a focus on Synthetic Biology and Biological Design. He was part of the Sociable Media Group at the MIT Media Laboratory and a member of the MIT Design Laboratory. 

Contact: orkan@biorealize.com

Mike Hogan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is a Philadelphia-based entrepreneur with experience in several fields, including embedded development, Process Analytical Technology and Knowledge Workbenches, arising from a 25 year career as an engineer in the Process Automation industry. Mike left the corporate world at the end of 2014 in order to pursue opportunities in next-generation process technology and process informatics for Synthetic Biology. Mike is an alumnus of Penn State (BA Math, MEng Engineering Science) and UPenn (MS Systems Engineering) and a collaborator with the Design Futures Group at Drexel University. He is sole named inventor on two US patents, a co-inventor on two additional patents, and a co-inventor on two pending patents.

Contact: mike@biorealize.com

Intellectual Property

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